The GM120 Top Lock Anchor Wand is a hand-held anchorage connector that locks into the top hole of steel corner castings on shipping containers.  It features a tie-off swivel plate that rotates 360 degrees and is color coded yellow for easy identification.  The Top Lock Anchor Wand must be used with a self-retracting lifeline rated at a maximum arrest of 900 lbs. (4kN) or less, attached at the back of the harness and at the anchor eye on the head of the wand.

To utilize the GM120, the worker on top of the shipping container approaches the corner casting at a 45 degree angle from the side and leading edges.  He reaches out a maximum of a full arm’s length and squeezes the wand handle to insert the jaws into the top hole of the casting.  The jaws lock into position with a click, and the worker then maneuvers the handle to ensure the head is locked into the casting.  

With the wand locked into position, the worker can then move to the corner of the shipping container and perform the required task.  Upon completion of his task, the worker retreats at least 3 ft. from the container leading edge and disengages the wand by squeezing the handle and lifting the wand from the corner casting. 

The GM120 wand also provides protection for workers approaching open hatch covers by locking into a deck casting top hole. 

GM120 Operating Instructions (English)

GM120 Operating Instructions (Spanish)

GM120 Operating Instructions (French)

GM120 Operating Instructions (Dutch)


                                  GM120 Top Lock Anchor Wand