The Fallsoft® Container Top Rescue Kit is designed to rescue a worker who has fallen from a shipping container and is suspended by his self-retracting lifeline.  The Kit works in conjunction with the GM120 Top Lock Anchor Wand that the fallen worker is tied off to by his SRL.  Light-weight and easy to use, the GM681 is an industry first!

The Kit has 3 easy-to-use parts:

  • Telescopic Pole:  The Pole is adjustable from 5-1/4; (160cm) to 9-1/4’ (282cm).  It features a smooth, fiberglass handle with a rubberized grip, a tri-oval, anodized aluminum slider, and a patented, positive locking device.
  • Polyester Rope and Snap Hooks:  The Rope is 20’ (600cm) of 7/16” low stretch, double-braided polyester with an aluminum snap hook on one end and an alloy steel snap hook on the other end.
  • Snap Hook Retainer:  An aluminum Snap Hook Retainer on the end of the pole secures the aluminum snap hook on the Rope.

When rescuing the fallen worker, the rescuer inserts the snap hook retainer to the end of the telescopic pole and connects the aluminum snap hook on the rope to the retainer.  Positioned on top of the container, the rescuer then extends the pole to the fallen worker and hooks the aluminum snap hook to the D-ring of the fallen worker’s harness.

Once the Aluminum Snap Hook is connected to the fallen worker’s D-ring, the rescuer releases the Pole from the Rope and Snap Hooks by giving a firm tug to the pole.  With the pole disengaged from the Kit, the rescue worker connects the alloy steel hook to the rescuing crane, and the fallen worker is lifted to safety.

Rescue Illustration

GM681 Operating Instructions (English)

Rescue Kit 681

GM681 Rescue Kit