For customers presently using the GM120 Top Lock Container Wand, here is an added safety system manufactured by Winsafe Corp.  This system is designed for fall protection atop of 40-foot or 20-foot long shipping containers, to be used in conjunction with the GM120 Top Lock Anchor Wand (Yellow). The Horizontal Lifeline System attaches to the SRL and is anchored at the base of the GM120. An anchor wand is then inserted into the corner casting located at each end of the container top on opposite box sides, providing a corner-to-corner horizontal lifeline. The addition of this system to your anchor wand equipment enables stevedores to maneuver freely about the entire surface of the container surface! No longer do they have to be limited by the length of their SRL. Note: The recommended number of workers attached at any one time is 2.

The lifeline system is comprised of one 3/8” galvanized wire cable, two attachment carabineers, and two GM120 Top Lock Container Wands. Workers connect directly to the horizontal lifeline by attaching the double lock snap (located on the end of their back-mounted SRL) to the lifeline cable. The double lock snap will move freely along the cable, following the movement of the worker.

GM159                                         GM159                                            GM159

  GM159 Cable and GM120 Top Lock                                              GM159 Cable and GM120 Top Lock                                                                           GM159 Cable
                             Anchor Wand                                                                                             Anchor Wand