Portable Sleeve Bases

Aluminum  manhole  sleeves  are  available  that  insert  directly into  a  manhole  opening.  The  vertical  post  &  boom  kit  are  then  mounted  onto  this  base  for  extraction.  

These  units  are  available  in  2  sizes:   GM132  to  fit  22”  (55cm)  to  24”  (60cm)  size  opening  and  GM133  to  fit  24”  (60cm)  to  26” (66cm)  openings.

                                      GM132 Portable Base

Permanent Mount Bases

Permanent Mount Bases are for use on flat surfaces.

The GM135  double  pin  style  plate is welded to a steel  top surface.   The GM138  double  pin  style  plate can  be  welded  to  a steel  top  surface  or  bolted  down  to  other surfaces.

Custom-designed mounting bases can be made available by special request.

                                        GM135 Permanent Mount Base

                                              GM138 Permanent Mount Base