Innovators of Custom-Engineered Fall Protection Equipment

Image of GM200A with GM137A Portable Base from G.D. MacKay.
Image of UH503-X 3-piece Expandable Base from G.D. MacKay.
Image of UH500 5-piece Retrieval System from G.D. MacKay.
Image of men working using fall protection equipment from G.D. MacKay.

Innovators of custom-engineered fall protection equipment, featuring
Uni-Hoist and Fallsoft products

As creators of the original Uni-Hoist line introduced in the mid-80s, G.D. MacKay Co. Ltd. continues to manufacture these products in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Today we are pleased to report that the demand for Uni-Hoist is greater than ever! Heavy-duty and well- engineered, Uni-Hoist has proved itself to be nearly indestructible, earning its reputation of a quality product line a thousand times over.  To view the newest addition to the Uni-Hoist product line, our Personnel Winch, please see the video below:

G.D. MacKay is an innovator of custom-engineered fall protection equipment that is built to last. A more advanced version of Uni-Hoist is our Fallsoft product line, previously manufactured for G.D. MacKay Co. Ltd. by Winsafe Corp. out of Markham, Ontario, now being manufactured for us in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Fallsoft products are lighter weight, making them ideal for overseas markets.  We are proud of the fact that we currently have Fallsoft customers in 6 of the 7 continents around the globe! Although we develop fall protection equipment for many different applications, we are especially knowledgeable about the industries below.

Image of utility company equipment.

We are currently selling to nearly 100 utility companies and transformer manufacturers. The bulk of this business is in Canada and the U.S. However, in recent years we have seen significant activity in Europe, the Mid- East, South Korea, China, and Taiwan. Because we do not advertise, we attribute this increase in overseas sales to the widespread use of the internet to locate product manufacturers.

Image of UH500 5-piece Retrieval System from G.D. MacKay.

Most of the early business with the Uni-Hoist line was for Public Works, i.e., water departments, sewage, etc. Recently, we have noted a renewed interest in Uni-Hoist from various industries. During the time our focus was concentrated on developing the Fallsoft product line with Winsafe, we lost touch with many Uni-Hoist customers. Now that safety professionals have become aware that we are still in business, the requests for Uni-Hoist quotations have risen significantly.

If you are still uncertain about exactly what you need, please contact us and we will help you figure out the best solution for fall protection in your workplace. Remember: If the safety equipment that you require for your workplace is not on the shelf, G. D. MacKay Co. Ltd. is your go-to supplier. We specialize in solving your fall protection needs!

If you require additional product information, please email [email protected].

All of our safety products comply with OSHA and ANSI regulations. Both Uni-Hoist and Fallsoft product lines have a limited one-year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

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