About G.D. MacKay


Image of George MacKay, the President of G.D. MacKay.

George MacKay, President

George MacKay, President of G.D. MacKay Co. Ltd., began his professional career in sales with IBM Canada. Since IBM, his entire vocational experience has been devoted to sales and the safety business, and he is frequently acknowledged as the “Grandfather of Fall Protection in North America.” Under his company, Life Protection, Inc., George developed the original Uni-Hoist product line for confined space retrieval and work positioning. While Uni-Hoist products are now sold throughout North America, George is the original “Mr. Uni-Hoist” and still maintains the Uni-Hoist trademark in Canada. He continues to manufacture this product line under G. D. MacKay Co. Ltd. in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Contact info: [email protected]
In Canada: 204-694-2191 or 204-756-3947
In U.S.: 770-639-2266

Lorraine MacKay, Customer Service

Lorraine MacKay, George’s daughter, is the customer service arm of G. D. MacKay Co. Ltd. and is responsible for preparing quotations, processing orders, and resolving shipping issues. Lorraine has had a long career in customer service with a number of different companies, most notably, Life Protection, Inc. Because of her tenure with Life Protection, Inc., she is especially familiar with the Uni-Hoist product line.

Contact info: [email protected]
In Canada: 470-214-9119
Fax: 866-524-7769

Shari MacKay, Sales & Marketing

Shari MacKay, George’s wife and a native of Georgia, USA, makes up the Sales/Marketing division of G. D. MacKay Co. Ltd. and also serves as the Company’s administrative manager. Shari holds a liberal arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley, California, USA. The bulk of her professional career has been spent in the advertising industry in Atlanta, Georgia. Before joining her husband, George, in his business in 2008, Shari was employed by Home Depot’s corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

Contact info: [email protected]
In Canada: 204-756-3947
In U.S.: 770-639-2709
Fax: 866-524-7769