Fall protection equipment that is built to last is our specialty. Although we develop fall protection equipment for many different applications, we are especially knowledgeable about work positioning, confined space retrieval, sleeves and bases, davits and masts, and winches.

Image of a man using a Uni-Hoist.

Not all confined spaces are created equal, and that is where most confined space safety equipment fails. Uni-Hoist is built on custom-designed units created to address the non-ideal confined space (i.e., tanker trailers, rail cars, hydroelectric transformers, etc.). Since its introduction to the safety industry in 1987, Uni-Hoist has become the product of choice world-wide. We have been able to solve and continue to solve some of the most difficult confined space and fall protection problems faced today. Whether used for routine entry/exit or emergency rescue operations, Uni-Hoist simply out performs the competition. See below for samples of Uni-Hoist systems.

Confined Space Retrieval
Product Accessories

Image of winch from G.D. MacKay.


The newest addition to the Uni-Hoist product line is our personnel-rated winches.  Most winches in the current market are designed with sleeve bearings.  After a short period of intensive use, the sleeve bearings and shafts wear out and require replacing.  Our winches, constructed with ball bearings, are designed for long-term use with no lubrication required and are finished with a clear, scratch-resistant, electrostatic powder coat.  The polycarbonate cover enables visibility of the primary brake mechanism.  The optional, shock-type counterweight maintains the cable tension during storage, preventing the cable guide from sustaining damage.  These products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality.

Personnel Winches

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All of our safety products comply with OSHA and ANSI regulations. Both Uni-Hoist and Fallsoft product lines have a limited one-year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Once you determine the product(s) you want to order, email [email protected] for a product quotation with estimated freight charges. Include the part number, quantity, shipping address, and contact info. Your quote will advise you of ordering procedures, product availability, estimated ship date, and additional information we may need to process your order.