Fallsoft Work Positioning


GM200A Tie-Off Mast

The GM200A 3-Person Anchorage Tie-off Post is easily one of our best sellers in the Fallsoft product line for either work positioning or confined space retrieval functions.  It features a swivel tie-off provision at the top of the vertical post; the vertical post does not rotate during use.  The post itself has a built-in shock-absorber, which reduces the maximum arrest force applied to the body in the event of a fall.  The post locks into anchor base plates with 2 locking pins.  The tie-off height is 75” (1.9 m) from the walking surface and may be converted to a 16” to 30” reach (40.8 cm – 76.5 cm) davit arm by adding a GM193 Adjustable Boom Kit.  The GM200A is light-weight,user friendly, and comes complete with a carry handle.

Prior to use, the product should be inspected for structural defects.  It may be used with any of the GM anchor bases.  Personnel must use a full body harness and be connected with a shock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline with a maximum arrest force not to exceed 900 lbs. (4 kN). 

 General Specifications 

  • Maximum working load:  350 lbs. (158.9 kg) per person.
  • Maximum Arrest Force rating (M.A.F.) of retractables or tear-out shock absorbers:  900 lbs. (4 kN).
  • Tested to static load pull of 2,000 lbs. (8.9 kN) at 45 degrees.
  • Weight:  26 lbs. (11.7 kg).
  • Rotation of 3-person tie-off plate:  360 degrees.
  • General construction:  Extruded aluminum.
  • Tubular components:  6061-T6 steel.
  • Tie-off:  Zinc plated.
  • Hardware:  Grade 5 steel, zinc plated.
  • Finish: powder coated safety yellow.
Image of GM200A Mounted in GM137A Bolt Down Base from G.D. MacKay.
Image of Fallsoft GM200A Mounted in GM135CP bolt down base from G.D. MacKay.
GM200A Mounted in GM135CP Bolt Down Base