Fallsoft Mounting Bases


Permanent Mount Bases

Permanent mount bases are for use on flat surfaces.

The GM135  double  pin  style  plate is welded to a steel  top surface.  

The GM138  double  pin  style  plate can  be  welded  to  a steel  top  surface  or  bolted  down  to  other surfaces.

The GM136 single pin style plate is welded to a steel-top surface.

The GM135CP double pin style plate bolts onto the existing 1″ bolts of a Waukesha style transformer, and can be removed after use.

Removable Bases

The GM135CA is an adapter plate that fits onto a GM136 plate and changes it to a GM135 double pin style plate

GM135 Permanent Weld On Plate
GM138 Permanent Bolt On Plate
GM136 Permanent Weld On Plate
GM135CP Bolt On Plate
GM135CA Adapter Plate