Uni-Hoist Confined Space Retrieval


UH500 5-piece Retrieval System

We introduced our 5-piece Retrieval System to the safety industry 25 years ago, and it is still our best seller for confined space retrieval.  To further illustrate its popularity, at least 5 other companies in Canada and the U.S. have reproduced the system, confirming the age-old adage that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Today we are proud of the fact that hundreds of the UH500 5-piece Retrieval exist throughout North America.  Its high demand can be attributed not only to its functionality but its indestructibility; it simply does not wear out.

The 5-piece Retrieval System consists of:

  • UH504-18” Offset Mast
  • UH502-CP 30” Centre Post
  • UH503-X 3-piece Expandable Base

General Information

  • Serves vertical and counterweight applications.
  • Mast is capable of mounting more than one winch or a combination of winches and self-retracting lifelines.
  • Mast pivots 90 degrees in 2 directions, allowing the entrant to be moved away from the man-way entrance.
  • Mast and Base are made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, making them both lighter and stronger.
  • Fire Department-style Uni-Hoist available with 24” offset reach.
  • Screw legs on Base can be adjusted for uneven terrain.
  • Gusset on base provides loop eyes for rescue anchor points.


  • Man-rated to 350 lbs. (160 kg.).
  • Provides a 5,000-lb. (2,268 kg.) anchor point at U-bracket.
  • 78” (1981mm.) in height.
  • Fire Department-style mast has a 24” offset reach and is 96” in height.
  • Base is expandable from 36”-56” I.D. between legs; Fire Department Base is expandable from 52”-72” I.D.
Image of UH500-5 piece Retrieval System.
UH500 5-piece Retrieval System
Image of UH503-X Expandable Base from G.D. MacKay.
UH503-X 3-piece Expandable Base

UH3000-RBR Bridge Rescue System

The UH3000-RBR is a portable retrieval system for use on railroad bridges.  The system has a rail clamp that attaches onto one rail to provide the anchor point location.  The outrigger section is adjustable, enabling the front legs of the base to be positioned at the leading edge of the bridge, making possible the lowering and retrieving of a worker below.  The adjustment flexibility also allows the systems to be set up so that the cable can be lowered between the rails as opposed to over the leading edge of the bridge.  The base may be used with various offset masts in order to obtain the required reach outward.  Davits and winch are ordered separately.

The UH3000-RBR Bridge Rescue System is designed solely as a rescue anchorage system, not a fall arrest anchorage.  In an emergency, the RBR system can accommodate one worker or up to 350 lbs. (159 kg.).  When suspending rescue personnel attached to a personnel winch, there must be an independently-anchored, secondary back-up system capable of supporting 3,600 lbs. (1620 kg.), that is, a 3-way self-retracing lifeline.

The UH3000-RBR consists of

  • UH504-24” Offset Mast
  • UH502-CP Centre Post
  • UH3000-RBR Expandable T-base
  • UH3000-RC Rail Clamp

General Information:

  • Man-rated for raising, lowering, or supporting personnel.
  • Designed for any railroad bridge deck rescue.
  • Adjustable to suit both rescue off sides of bridges and between rails.
  • Special adaptors are available for bridge decks with no rails to attach.
Image of UH3000-RBR Bridge Rescue System from G.D. MacKay.
UH3000-RBR Bridge Rescue System
Image of UH3000-RC Rail Clamp from G.D. MacKay.
UH3000-RC Rail Clamp

UH6000 Fold-up System

The UH6000 Portable Entry & Retrieval Hoist System was first introduced to the industry as an easy-to-use hoist system to lift equipment.  However, because of its light weight and ease of assembly without tools, it was soon re-engineered for use as raising and lowering personnel.  The one-piece mast has a height of 78″ (195 cm.) and a reach of 18″ (45 cm.).  The base is capable of servicing up to a 36″ (90 cm.) manhole and comes complete with 4 adjustable screw legs that sit flat on a 45 degree angle.  The base centre piece has 2 loop eyes to anchor rescue ropes.

This portable retrieval system is capable of one winch mount and one self-retracting lifeline (SRL) at any one time.  The UH6000 meets all OSHA and ANSI standards and regulations for confined space entry and retrieval equipment.  The system consists of:

  • UH6001/7 Fold-up Mast
  • UH6002 Fold-up Base

General Information:

  • Strong, light-weight, 6061-T6 electro-static, powder-coated aluminum.
  • Folds down into 2, easy-to-carry packages complete with carrying handles.
  • Winch may be mounted on inside or back side of mast.
  • Mast rotates 220 degrees.
  • Rated for lifting personnel up to 350 lbs. (158 kg.).
  • Weight of mast and base without winch is 73 lbs. (33 kg.).
  • Maximum 18” (45 cm.) mast offset.
  • U-bracket Anchor proof load rated for 2,000 lbs. (900 kg.).
Image of UH6001 Portable Entry & Retrieval Hoist System from G.D. MacKay.
UH6000 Portable Entry & Retrieval Hoist System
Image of UH6001 Portable Entry & Retrieval Hoist System disassembled from G.D. MacKay.
UH6000 Disassembled