Uni-Hoist Winches


UH120P Personnel Winch

Our Personnel Winch is designed as a personnel winch for a single user (as defined within ANSI Z359.4-2007) and as a Mechanical Retrieval/Lifting Device (as defined in OSHA 1910 146 & ANSI Z117.1 & ANSI Z359.4-2007) for attaching a person entering or exiting a confined space.  This product has been tested in accordance with ANSI and OSHA requirements and meets all standards.  Made in the U.S.A. 

General Information

  • Double braking system—primary and secondary brakes.
  • Double pawl primary brake for maximum safety.
  • Primary brake holds load in place when crank handle is released.
  • The secondary brake system consists of notching wheel, 2 pawls, and 2 special tension springs, all stainless steel construction.
  • Continuous braking system prevents free-wheeling of drum.
  • Secondary brake activates only when drum is free-wheeling.
  • Built-in, shock-absorbing mechanism for secondary brake.
  • Cable guide for correct placement on drum.
  • Optional built-in, shock-type counterweight.
  • Stainless steel handle with 3 positions:  transportation, working – 12” long to rotate cable up and down, and short handle 6” long for faster lowering capability.
  • Winches are available in 50’, 80’ or 110’ lengths in either 3/16” stainless steel cable or synthetic rope.
Image of winch from G.D. MacKay.
UH120P Personnel Winch


  • Total weight:  30 lbs. (13.5 kg.) with 80’ (24 m.) cable.  Weights of mounting bracket and optional counterweight are included.
  • Basic dimensions:  Length – 10.75” (26.8 cm); Width – 8.25” (20.6 cm.); eight – 10.20” (25.5 cm) including adapter.  Height of adapter is 2” (5 cm.).
  • Capacity:  Maximum working load – 350 lbs. (157.5 kg.).
  • Minimum working load:  10 lbs. (4.5 kg.).
  • Cable construction:  3/16” (4.8 cm.) diameter aircraft stainless steel or Technora 12 with 3/16” (4.8 cm.) black rope cable.
  • Full capacity of the drum:  120’ (36 m.).  Cable length can be changed upon customer’s request.
  • Stainless steel cable tensile strength:  3,750 lbs. (1,688 kg.); Technora 12 Rope:  5,500 lbs. (2,475 kg.)
  • Gear ratio is 5:1 constructed of galvanized steel.
  • Average mechanical advantage:  22.
  • Raise/lower speed of drum:  20’/minute (6 m.)

Emergency Warnings

  • Do not continue to rotate handle counter-clockwise if red painted area on the cable appears. 
  • Do not continue to rotate handle clockwise if force seriously increases.